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Practical action

Practical action: acting in reality

Initiatory science has persisted to the present day because it was able to demonstrate its real and practical aspect. Let's not be mistaken! The discretion used by the masters aims above all to preserve it. Its transmission must be done qualitatively and not quantitatively. It must be done in stages, in stages throughout the initiations .


Theoretical teaching only has value if it can be verified by the holder of this knowledge. Like the practitioner of a martial art who exercises his precision, strength and flexibility every day, there are practical exercises .


Regardless of the Paths that have been taken, the different paths of teaching in Africa, the East or the West, spiritualists come together and understand each other without the slightest effort, just as they recognize themselves in their works.

Les prières
“Achievement lies in practice. »



Everyone can pray : baptized or not, secular or religious, you just need to open your soul to the Lord and welcome him. Ask, apologize, thank, praise etc. There is a prayer for every situation but the best prayer is the one that comes sincerely from your heart .


However, once your prayer is fulfilled, what is its progress ? How do you ensure that your prayer goes to the right place and is received and “processed” at the highest levels ?


Are there things I need to put into practice so that my prayer will be answered ?

The mantras

A mantra is a sacred formula or invocation used in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism.

The first mantras in Vedic Sanskrit are found in the Rig-Veda, which are used for ritual purposes . Today they are also used in the West for spiritual or meditative purposes.

As with prayers, there are mantras depending on each situation and the energies that we wish to activate. The ideal is to know the mantras which are dedicated to us, that is to say which are adapted to our individuality in order to obtain real results . Discover your mantras!

The young

Fasting is the total or partial deprivation of food and is an integral part of the practice of certain religions ( Lent, Ramadan, kippur etc.).

Fasting sets in motion physiological adaptation mechanisms which are the heritage of the slow process of evolution. Various experiments have shown on animal models that non-excessive dietary restriction extends the lifespan of many species (mice, rats, monkeys, etc.). A study published in Nature magazine in 2016 also showed that this fast is accompanied by a reduction in DNA damage.


Fasting is part of the practice of certain spiritual activities in which it purifies and supports the ritual. For it to be more effective, it must be personalized and supervised by an experienced person. Ask your doctor for advice before any practice.


The initiations

The term “initiation”, in its esoteric sense, designates someone who has reached a milestone in their personal and spiritual evolution . The apprentice receives, through his master or instructor, contact with a force allowing him to receive specific knowledge making him an initiate .


Since the first peoples or the mysteries of Isis in Egypt, powers and Sacred Knowledge have been transmitted only through the rite which crowns a successful learning process and confers on the initiate authority but also duties .


There are many rites depending on the traditions but the objective is always the same: to transcend the being and allow it to achieve what the laymen ignore...

From Man to Divine
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