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Pets, members of the family

As with human beings, the energy care provided to animals helps relieve their ailments and restore their original well-being by circulating energy and providing the resources necessary to improve their physical and psychological state .


Just like us, animals can suffer from various chronic illnesses, behavioral problems or stress. Pet and competition animals are more subject to pathologies because of our influence .


By having taken them from their natural wild world to live with us, we have a responsibility to keep them healthy. They are now full members of the family.

“Animals are my friends...and I don’t eat my friends.”

George Bernard Shaw

love of animals

Without us necessarily knowing it, animals bring us a lot of good energy and help us on a daily basis. They therefore also need to rebalance or recharge .


Thus, it sometimes even happens that an animal takes on its master's illness and sacrifices itself for him. The love of animals is unconditional and true.

Femme, à, cheval

Animals are very receptive

Animals are more sensitive to energies than humans. Their vibrational frequency can rise well beyond ours, for example that of the horse.


They can therefore recover much faster than us thanks to magnetism. This is good news !

Remote comfort and benefits

Magnetism sessions on animals are only done remotely using photos.

  • It is more practical not to transport your animal in its condition on the roads.

  • Keeping your animal in its familiar environment will prevent it from unnecessary stress and thus allow it to benefit as much as possible from the benefits of magnetism.

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Consultez au préalable votre vétérinaire

It is necessary to respect your animal's health history by first presenting it to your veterinarian .

For who ?
All types of pets or livestock
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