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Office or distance?

In the office or remotely?

  Le magnétiseur est une personne qui utilise les champs d’énergie pour aider des personnes à traiter divers troubles. Grace aux fluides magnétiques présents dans l’univers et dans la terre, il permet d’apaiser leurs douleurs, de revitaliser l’organisme et d’harmoniser le système de manière holistique.

  Grace à ma capacité de concentration et de visualisation, je peux intervenir sans avoir besoin d’être présent physiquement puisque de toute façon je ne touche jamais votre corps physique.

   Il suffit qu’au début et en fin de séance nous échangions via nos écrans pour faire le point tout simplement.

Advantage of in-office treatment

I always enjoy seeing a patient with my physical eyes, especially for the first session. Likewise, he can see how I proceed and the environment in which I exercise my vocation.

Exchanging smiles and looks “in real life” is always a warm moment.

But above all I can give you certain objects personally .


Advantage of remote care

Remote care allows you to not have to travel . It's economical and above all you can stay lying down as long as you want since you are at home. The end of the session does not mean the end of the energetic process.

Staying at home rather than returning to the car or public transport and its share of stress is therefore a big advantage for maximizing care, the effects of which will continue in a more harmonious way and without external disturbances .

The illusion of time and space

Remote care is used in all so-called “ quantum ” therapies. Indeed, quantum physics highlights the vibrational or wave nature of the world . We are immersed in an energetic ocean of information on which we can act .

It is appropriate to put the notion of distance into perspective because time and space are a construction of our mind . Our brain creates this illusion in order to be able to interact more easily with its environment. But all shamans and other healers will explain to you how they manage to travel through time and space in order to visit worlds or heal someone since the dawn of time.

So, practicing remote treatment in no way removes my ability to help you by intervening on your subtle bodies since they do not depend on the laws of the physical world.


How it works ? It's proven ?

For the Danish physicist Niels Bohr, Einstein's main opponent, there is no conflict with special relativity because quantum entanglement is a non-local phenomenon, that is to say it does not depend on positions. particles in space. Physicist Ronald Hanson and his team succeeded in 2015 in carrying out Bell's experiment (theorized in 1964) and finally flawlessly proving that our world is indeed non-local and instantaneous ! This is a confirmation of capital importance.

This “non-locality” implies the existence of invisible, non-local links, which transcend the physical distances that we know. The 3rd dimension is not the only existence. It is not the only reality.

What spiritualists have been saying for thousands of years has finally been proven by modern science. Fortunately, they did not wait for this confirmation to find out through their own experience and the results that result from it on a daily basis.

Transmitter receiver

A treatment done remotely is obviously an energetic treatment which involves a link between a transmitter (my humble person) and a receiver (your kind person).

Take the example of radio waves. From the moment the connection is established between 2 phones it doesn't matter whether you are next door or on the other side of the planet. But with psychic or energetic waves, communication is even faster since it is actually instantaneous .

This is one of the secrets of miracles . Matter (waves at slow frequencies) obeys the psyche, consciousness and the spiritual (waves at ultra-fast frequencies). What is superior prevails over what is inferior . As an energetician I act on your aura which is none other than your energetic envelope and which therefore responds to the laws explained and demonstrated above. Matter is nothing other than gross energy. “e = mc²: everything is energy, vibration, information.” Albert Einstein.

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