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Channeling: Subtle communications

Someone wants to talk to us but we don't understand... This person is our unconscious, our subconscious or our Higher Consciousness . It communicates with us through dreams but also while we are awake through signs , synchronizations etc.


Every night we dream but we don't necessarily remember it. However, it happens that certain dreams have a profound impact on us. These dreams challenge us and invite us to decipher them. They come back to our memory during the day or before we go back to sleep as if they remind us that we have not yet understood the message they want to convey to us. As long as we have not managed to process this information we are immersed in a permanent questioning.


It happens, less often, but in an even more striking way, that we are in the presence of an extraordinary manifestation. I am of course talking about these moments when the world seems to focus on us and directly show us phenomena that do not concern not by chance. Signs, synchronicities etc. which comfort us in our journey and push us to know more.

Le canal
“Subtle communication is the language of love”


The canal

​ Channeling is a form of subtle communication in which an individual serves as a channel to receive messages from a higher spiritual source, such as an angel, spirit guide, ascended master or other...


Messages can be received in different ways, such as visions, sounds, sensations or even verbal messages.


Channelers, or people who receive messages, can communicate the information received in written, oral, or media form.

Le canal.jpg
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Précautions à prendre
Precautions 1/2

If you are considering channeling, it is important to take certain precautions to ensure the experience is safe and beneficial:

Find a reliable channel: Look for a reliable channel that has an established reputation for providing accurate and useful information. Avoid working with people who do not have strong experience or training in channeling.

Protect yourself energetically: Take the time to protect yourself energetically by setting a clear intention for your experience and using energetic protection techniques such as visualization or using healing crystals.

Be clear about your intentions: Make sure you have a clear intention for what you want to receive and that you are at peace.

Précautions 2/2
Précautions 2.jpg
Precautions 2/2

If you are considering channeling, it is important to take certain precautions to ensure the experience is safe and beneficial:

Avoid outside influences: Avoid outside influences such as drugs or alcohol, as they can interfere with your ability to receive clear and accurate messages.

Use your discernment: Use your discernment to evaluate the messages you receive during channeling. If something seems unclear, unreliable or inappropriate, you have the right to ask questions and request clarification.

Stay Grounded: Keep your feet on the ground and stay grounded in the present moment, remembering that channeling is a subtle experience and it is important to remain aware of your body and your physical surroundings.

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