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The Vision

Clairvoyance in a nutshell

Clairvoyance is an extra-sensory ability that allows a person to perceive information about past, present, or future events, or about people or objects , without using the ordinary five senses. It is often associated with the ability to "see" things that are not accessible to physical sight, such as images, colors, symbols or scenes.

People who have this ability are often called " psychics " or " mediums ." They may perceive information through different means, such as visions , impressions , or sensations . For example, a psychic may have a clear vision of a future event or feel the emotions of a deceased person.

Clairvoyance can be a gift or developed through personal and spiritual work , including focusing on opening the mind and learning to listen to one's intuition. It may also involve practices such as meditation , prayer , visualization , and divinatory tools .

“We only see clearly with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes. »

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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(Past, present and future)
Physical clairvoyance

This form of clairvoyance is often associated with premonition or divination . People gifted with this ability are able to perceive physical events that are happening or about to happen.


They may also be able to predict the future using divination methods like cards, coris etc.


Physical clairvoyance is often used in accident prevention, informed decision making and strategic planning

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Intuitive clairvoyance

People gifted with this form of clairvoyance often have strong intuitions and an ability to sense things that are not obvious to others.


They can perceive information or knowledge without relying on the five senses, and may have flashes of sudden understanding or insight.


Intuitive insight is often used for personal development and spiritual growth, as well as to help others find creative solutions to complex problems.

Emotional clairvoyance

People gifted with this form of clairvoyance are often very empathetic and are able to sense what others are feeling.


They are able to read the emotions and feelings of others, even if they are not expressed verbally. Emotional clairvoyants can often help others resolve emotional issues and find solutions that are in harmony with their state of mind.


They can also help others better understand their own emotions and manage their emotional reactions.

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La clairvoyance spirituelle.jpg
Spiritual clairvoyance

​  This form of clairvoyance is often associated with mediumship and connection with the deceased. People gifted with this ability are often able to perceive the energies of the environment around them, as well as the presences of spiritual entities.


They may also be able to communicate with the deceased, receive messages and transmit information to those still alive.


Spiritual insight is often used as part of spiritual and emotional healing, as well as to help others connect with their own spirituality.

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