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Progress of a session

Progress of a session

​ In this part I inform patients of the progress of the session and the stages.

The session takes place during a well-defined time and protocol.

I take the time necessary to welcome, speak, provide care and finalize our session so that everything is complete.

The welcome interview

​ The basis of a consultation is based on a non-judgmental exchange with the patient in order to know what their expectations are and to be able to respond to them. I take the time to hear the “ills” that are expressed through your “words”. I will answer your questions and also ask you mine.



​ The basis of energy treatment is based on the practitioner's ability to “see” and “feel” your different bodies in order to know the nature of the illness that is gnawing at you and to localize it in order to better treat it.


To do this, you lie down and I “scan” you in order to read your aura and look for energy nodes as well as related pathologies.


If necessary, I will ask you some more specific questions based on my visions, feelings, flashes and intuitions.

Energy care

​  To put it simply. As a magnetizer and energy healing practitioner, I use infinite cosmic and telluric energies to act on the different bodies of a living being through the chakras and meridians connected to them.


As each person is different, it is appropriate to channel the energies linked to the personal vibrational frequencies of each patient.

I also call on my guides and those of the patient who, as their name indicates, guide me in the session by directing me to this or that area to apply this or that technique.


End of session interview

  • We take stock together .

  • I give you my personal advice on what to favor or avoid to make the effects of the treatment last.

  • We only create a program if necessary and according to your needs.

- You remain dressed during the entire consultation.

However, it is recommended to remove belt, shoes, watch and

other accessories that could harm the comfort and quality of care.

- Any cancellation must be made 48 hours in advance.

- Any delay will result in a shorter session duration.

- This approach in no way constitutes a medical diagnosis!

Consult your doctor.

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