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Family harmony

​Find happiness with your family

I am passionate about supporting families in their quest for happiness and serenity.


I believe that every family is unique and deserves a personalized approach to achieve the desired harmony in a lasting way.


My goal is to guide you on your family journey, providing you with the tools and strategies needed to overcome challenges and strengthen family bonds.

Plusieurs solutions
“Happiness comes not from what we get, but from what we give. »


Several solutions

​ I offer my help to families to achieve the desired harmony in a lasting manner.


I give individual and group family coaching sessions, as well as practical workshops for parents and children (role plays, role-playing, etc.).


I also offer mentoring programs for families who need long-term support to resolve complex issues.

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Dîner d'été en famille

Readings and videos

I provide a variety of resources to help families improve their harmony.


I also offer books and personal or recommended videos to deepen the understanding of certain subjects.


This will include articles on topics such as communication, conflict resolution, managing family stress, as well as practical guides for parents and children.

My techniques

By applying my techniques, families can strengthen their bonds, improve their quality of life and achieve greater harmony and happiness together:

Open and respectful communication

Spend quality time together

Respect the differences of each member of the family

Manage conflicts constructively

Encourage and support each other

Establish routines and effective organization

Celebrate each other’s successes

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​Special situations
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End of life

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​Benefit from personalized help
at every important moment of your life.
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