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Energy care

Magnetism in brief

   Le magnétisme est un ensemble d'anciennes théories et pratiques thérapeutiques qui se sont développées à partir du XVIIIe siècle en Occident. Ce courant découle des pratiques énergétiques issues de la nuit des temps. En effet, pour se soigner les Hommes ont eu recours, bien avant l’usage des plantes, à l’énergie vitale afin d’aider les autres. Ainsi, bien qu’étant à l’origine de la médecine dite « moderne » et de la psychologie, cette véritable Science des Anciens est aujourd’hui classée parmi les médecines dites « alternatives ».


   Toutefois, depuis quelques dizaines d’années, avec l’essor d’une nouvelle pensée holistique tournée vers une santé globale et durable, on assiste à un véritable retour en grâce, voire à une légitimation de ces pratiques par des chercheurs en sciences conventionnelles s’appuyant notamment sur les dernières découvertes en physique quantique.


   Heureusement, certains ont su préserver ce savoir et le transmettre de générations en générations. « Rien ne se perd, tout se transforme ».

"You are the idea that swells my heart, the delicate and luminous image that charms my days and disturbs my dreams... the beauty that I contemplate in the ideal sphere... the emanation, the magnetism, the smile, the look necessary for my thoughts and my life."

Victor Hugo

White Structure

Le magnétisme

(Une vision de la maladie)
The origin of the disease

The term "disease" comes from the Latin "male habitus" meaning who is in bad condition . For the energy healing practitioner, illness is the negative result of an imbalance of energies present in the body and in the aura that surrounds it.


Our lifestyles (poor diet, pollution, electromagnetic radiation, stressful social relationships, etc.) keep us daily in a climate conducive to pathologies of all kinds. All it takes is a shock or a simple physical, emotional or mental disturbance to cause a pathogenic action on our body and then the disease is triggered and then develops leading to even more imbalance. It's the vicious circle.


The objective of so-called “soft” medicine is to restore harmony in the body while avoiding side effects.

Relieve and treat

Practiced by healers, magnetism helps relieve pain and circulate energy in the patient's body to free it from blockages and physical or psychological tensions thanks to the placing of hands, magnetic gaze, breathing, etc. ... The practitioner can also use medicinal herbs, objects such as stones, etc.


Of course, we must overcome prejudices and be open-minded to understand the functioning of this ancestral medicine which is based on energetic practice .


This is how many people report healings . However, nowadays it is appropriate to talk about preventive or complementary therapy , the role of which is initially to facilitate the doctor 's treatment and then to treat the disease when it is still possible.

The different bodies of our being

Energy treatments are called “ holistic ” treatments, that is to say they take the entire being into consideration.


So that the work is complete and effective over time, I therefore work during the session on different levels or planes of the aura , the main ones of which are: the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body and the spiritual bodies.

It is completely illusory to believe that we can treat a problem sustainably without also addressing its causes and peripheral damage .


“Western esotericism and certain Eastern religious traditions evoke the existence of subtle bodies or psychic bodies, “supersensible envelopes” not perceptible by human sensory organs. Some people with extra-sensory perception abilities say they “see” these subtle bodies and decipher the information they contain. ".


The famous American healer Barbara Ann Brennan calls this faculty of seeing the subtle world the High Sense of Perception (HPS).

Without vision it is extremely complicated to practice energy healing. Who can do their job correctly with their eyes closed?

Animals and places

Magnetism also concerns animals who are particularly sensitive to it. So they can heal much faster .

Magnetism is also very useful for cleaning a place and enriching it with new energies .

Everything around us vibrates and impacts us positively and negatively.

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Energy care

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