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Messages from Consciousness

Messages from Consciousness

Someone wants to talk to us but we don't understand... This person is our unconscious, our subconscious or our Higher Consciousness . It communicates with us through dreams but also while we are awake through signs , synchronizations etc.


Every night we dream but we don't necessarily remember it. However, it happens that certain dreams have a profound impact on us. These dreams challenge us and invite us to decipher them. They come back to our memory during the day or before we go back to sleep as if they remind us that we have not yet understood the message they want to convey to us. As long as we have not managed to process this information we are immersed in a permanent questioning.


It happens, less often, but in an even more striking way, that we are in the presence of an extraordinary manifestation. I am of course talking about these moments when the world seems to focus on us and directly show us phenomena that do not concern not by chance. Signs, synchronicities etc. which comfort us in our journey and push us to know more .

Le langage symbolique du rêve
“I dreamed so much, I dreamed so much that I am no longer from here. »

Léon-Paul Fargue

The symbolic language of dreams

The images that follow one another in the dream are often surprising , incomprehensible , even illogical . It is not so !

In fact, we communicate with ourselves through symbolic language . It is the mode of expression of our unconscious, the manifestation of physical, emotional and mental realities that we commonly encounter. Dreams use our experiences and our imagination to create images that must be interpreted in their symbolic meaning.

Analyzing dreams to decipher their deeper meanings allows us to know ourselves better and to resolve problems in our present life or to anticipate situations that we will face in the future. Dreams are the ideal support for working on oneself.


The reality of the dream

The dream is different from the ordinary dream. He is alive , he is real . It marks us much more deeply.

During a dream, we are as if awake . We do not see a film that passes before our eyes passively but we are part of the scenario. The images are clear and when we “wake up” everything is still very present in our mind.

The dream uses more direct language even if the characters who intervene may be stranger than in a classic dream.

The message is generally short but it is difficult to put it in the context of our “little life” far from the subtle worlds.

Having a dream is an exceptional experience that offers us the possibility of opening doors and acquiring special knowledge. This is an immense opportunity offered to us provided we know how to use it and find how to respond to this invitation to go further...

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Beyond the dream...
Les différents signes

The different signs

Higher Consciousness , also called intuition or inner wisdom, is the voice that guides our lives. It can manifest itself in different ways , but here are some common signs of its communication:

  1. Sudden inner peace : we can suddenly feel, without any apparent logical connection, a feeling of calm and peace within us.

  2. Strong intuition : It can manifest itself through presentiments or impressions that seem to come from nowhere.

  3. Physical signs : for example through tingling, chills or sensations of heat or cold.

Les synchronicités


Synchronicities are events that seem to happen in a meaningful way to us, even if they don't have an obvious causal connection.

For example , you might be thinking about a friend you haven't seen in a while, and moments later that person contacts you. Or, you might have a question and turn on the radio or watch TV and come across a show or song that answers it.

It is important to remain attentive to the synchronicities occurring in our lives, as our Higher Consciousness can offer us clues on our path and guide us in the right direction.

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