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My spiritual journey
In short,

​ I was born in Paris in 1983. At the age of 6 months, my parents and I moved to Africa where I spent my first 10 years before returning to live in France. So I had the chance, very early on as a mixed race person, to be immersed in an eclectic multicultural and spiritual environment which allowed my subtle senses to blossom naturally.

Coming from a distant family tradition, it was, however, my personal guidance that allowed me to find my true Path, along which I was able to benefit from major transcendental experiences. Thus, during these long years of studies, research, intense esoteric initiations, travels and encounters with extraordinary beings in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa, I was able to awaken and realize :


Who I am.

What is my role in society.


This quest for the “Higher Self” is the incessant search for this divine spark which lies dormant in each of us and which only awaits awakening, even awakening...

From now on, I am in charge of helping others by caring for them, protecting them and guiding them on their own Path thanks to energies, my vision and of course the "Beings of Light".

The time has come for humanity to regain its full level of consciousness and shine again because Love is infinite between Man and the Divine.


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