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Psychic protection

Psychic protection

We speak of a psychic attack when a person's energy field is subjected to an assault (voluntary or involuntary) coming from an envious, hateful, evil thought, etc. This energy has a real impact on your health and your success.

If it is true that we all have natural defenses against psychological attacks like our biological immune system. In the same way, when it is weakened, we automatically become vulnerable .

Thus, when we are subject to stress, trauma or any other negative element, we leave doors open through which many harmful energies can invite themselves into your path and cause mental illnesses and disorders. Everything is collapsing around us.

Apprendre à se protéger

Learn to protect yourself

We must all learn to protect ourselves. In the same way that we brush our teeth every day, we must apply certain techniques and formulas every day to stay mentally clean. I will send them to you from the first session .


Indeed, we must maintain our psychic body as we maintain our physical body by taking a shower or a bath .


Even more so, what we do in the physical world must also be done in the psychic world because it is it which is above or all around us (cf. the different bodies of the aura). If your roof leaks then your floor will rot!

shield-gd71d91774_640 4.png

The psychic shield

During the day we meet people who sometimes look at us with a “bad eye” and with whom we have to have social relationships. These contacts, even if they are not physical, leave traces and mark your psyche.

Repeated attacks end up weakening your aura which is the natural energy barrier that protects us to a certain point.

It is important to put in place a shield or barrier to limit or even prevent these woodpeckers from reaching us and injuring us.

Psychic contamination

During our social relationships , even at a distance (telephone, internet, etc.) we open ourselves up to others. If the person or people with whom we are interacting are in a negative physical, emotional or mental state (sadness, jealousy, anxiety, depression, anger, etc.) we receive part of these negative charges.


Our aura is charged with negative polluting energy . We are contaminated and also become irritable, moody, angry etc.


We can also be contaminated when we visit certain people or in particular places such as hospitals, cemeteries, morgues and other places frequented by negative entities . In fact, they stick to our aura and transmit their negative state of mind to us.


Psychic vampires

​ We have all already felt very tired and blue after meeting people. Indeed, consciously or not, people draw from those around them the energy they lack to live.

The problem is that then it’s you who finds yourself lacking. Back home, it’s you who pumps that of your spouse, children, etc. The vicious circle sets in.

Like a computer that does not have a firewall, you are subject to malicious or simply exhausted people who will use your network with the risk of letting viruses (negative entities) pass through.

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