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The psyche in brief

​ “ The word “psyche” is derived from psyche, from the ancient Greek ψυχή (“soul, breath of life”).

The set of conscious or unconscious psychic characters, considered in totality or partially, phenomena, processes relating to the mind, intelligence, affectivity and will constitutes the psychic life of an individual. »


We all have psychic and spiritual faculties called the “6th sense”.

When our psychic abilities are developed, we can naturally access intuition, magnetism, clairvoyance, mediumship, telepathy, astral travel, etc.

These faculties specific to each person are revealed to us during a banal experience or following learning work as part of an initiation process.

Once acquired, they allow you to interact with others for better or for worse. Indeed, through the psyche we can help you but we can also manipulate you or harm you to the point of driving you crazy.


In addition to magnetism, I use my abilities in the areas of psyche to advise you on your daily problems, protect you against attacks and give you my feelings about a given person or situation.

​"The interpretation of dreams is the royal road which leads to knowledge of the unconscious in psychic life."

Sigmund Freud

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The psyche

(Beyond the mind)
Mental, psyche, consciousness

We all go through times of joy or sadness. It's part of life. However, we are not all equal in our ability to enjoy the best or to face adversity.

When “everything is going well” we are not happy and always seek more in a perpetual dissatisfaction which causes permanent frustration. Conversely, when we encounter a problem, instead of seeing what it can bring us, we give in to despair and solutions elude us. Everything depends on our mind, our psyche, our level of consciousness…

This is why an outside perspective can be useful in order to get off on the right foot on the right path.

The psyche through dreams

​  Dreams are privileged, easy-to-access means of receiving information from the subtle worlds. Our soul travels and encounters a certain number of familiar people but also benevolent or malevolent entities.

To communicate with us, these beings use language that is sometimes direct but most often it is symbolic because when we wake up we are more likely to remember it.

Interpreting one's dreams is in certain cultures a daily work which is done in groups so that they can enrich themselves with their knowledge and make collective decisions to avoid disasters or to receive benefits.

Psyche out of control

​ We have all experienced this situation where we know what to do but yet we do the complete opposite. And we pay the price... “Why did I do that? » , “Why do I always make the same mistakes? » we then say to ourselves, lamenting for days. It’s as if we are not in control of our actions. As if our mind no longer obeys us.

Our psyche is out of control and we go so far as to put our lives in danger. We are like a puppet who does not see the strings of the person who manipulates it. Our self-confidence plummets. Our mental state is unstable. We become moody without knowing what we really want. We are lost.

When a person's psyche is affected, their entire being, right down to their soul, falters and is lost in the twists and turns of the subtle and invisible worlds.

Connecting through the psyche

The psyche is one of the ways that allows us to contact the higher worlds. This is where our intuition comes from. Connecting to Source is essential when we seek answers or simply inspiration.

It is often difficult to form a fair idea of someone or to analyze a complex situation with our minds alone.

By going beyond the conditioned mind, by transcending it, we can have flashes or other information that reach us and enlighten us on what we really want to know on any subject.

White Structure

The psyche

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