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Spirituality in brief

The goal of spirituality is the development of consciousness . When this is awake or full, the being can then be realized. He bathes in permanent happiness . Thanks to this elevation in the level of consciousness, he is able to communicate with the "subtle worlds" in which he can travel.


Not every awakened being necessarily becomes a master. He who teaches does so because it is his mission. He received authorization to transmit knowledge. Indeed, the spiritual seeker can follow the guidance of a written or oral spiritual teacher in order to avoid becoming discouraged and above all to avoid setbacks in this difficult quest.


All teachings worthy of the name aim to tend towards the same truth which is distilled in different forms depending on the students' capacity for understanding but also on the period of history, the geographical area and the energies that exist there. relate. Some are “simple” teachers, others are also awakened, or even realized, beings. Among these awakened beings, some have become true spiritual masters, which means that their teaching can allow us to reach the enlightened state .

“There are in every man, at every hour, two simultaneous postulations, one towards God, the other towards Satan. The invocation to God, or spirituality, is a desire to rise in rank; that of Satan, or animality, is a joy to descend. »

Charles Baudelaire

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(Me, society and God)
Who am I ?

The first question that the seeker of truth must ask is: “Who am I?” » .


This is a metaphysical question as old as humanity. Without this question all research seems doomed to failure. Indeed, how can you become better if you don't know who to improve? To build the foundations must be known and solid.

It is also an extremely broad question since it affects several areas simultaneously such as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual .


“Know yourself and you will know the universe and the gods” is a famous inscription engraved on the pediment of the Temple of Delphi during ancient Greece. This means that knowledge of our inner world leads to knowledge of the outer worlds, this is esotericism.

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My role in society

​  The second question that the seeker of truth must ask himself is: “What is my Life Mission or my Life Path within society?” ".


After understanding who he is, the spiritualist must understand why he is on earth. What is the purpose of his presence here among men in this world dominated by material. This double questioning can be carried out in parallel even if the answer to the first question is a sine qua non condition for answering the second.


This interrogative approach is the key to opening the many doors that the sincere and determined seeker will have the honor of opening during his journey as perilous as it is enriching to one day access the Holy Grail, enlightenment, Knowledge of what is beyond illusions.

My relationship with God

The third question that the seeker of truth must ask is not: “Does God exist?” » but rather: “How can I meet him? »


After understanding that he can find it by different means, he will be eager to undertake this ultimate quest.

Is God in each of us? Is he equally in everything? Are we a part of Him, a divine spark?

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