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Vision: Extrasensory Perceptions

We live in a (partly) materialistic world in which the vast majority of us have cut ties with our intuition and everything that is linked to our extra-sensory abilities, which are however totally natural.

However, some of us, following a gift , work and a personal process, have found this capacity hidden within us and can use it on a daily basis.

These people are called “ mediums ” or “ psychics ,” but these terms can be misleading because they do not reflect the diversity of skills and experiences of people who have regained their intuition. Some can perceive things beyond the five senses, such as messages or emotions , while others can have visions or premonitions.

La vision extrasensorielle
“The vision of the wise is to see what is right, to do what is right, to say what is true. »

Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama

Extrasensory vision

Egalement appelée clairvoyance, c'est la capacité de percevoir des informations ou des événements sans l'utilisation des cinq sens normaux.


  Les personnes dotées de cette capacité peuvent percevoir des choses au-delà du spectre visuel ordinaire, telles que des images ou des événements qui se produisent à distance ou dans le temps futur.


  Certaines personnes peuvent également percevoir des entités ou des esprits invisibles. La vision extrasensorielle est souvent associée à des phénomènes paranormaux, tels que la prémonition, la divination et la communication avec les défunts.

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Extrasensory perceptions

They are often considered to be outside the realm of conventional science .

However, many people have reported experiences of extrasensory vision and other forms of psychic perceptions.


Some research has been conducted on the subject, including using biofeedback and brain imaging techniques to study the neurological processes involved in extrasensory perception.

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